Bun Dropping Is The Strangely Mesmerising New Instagram Beauty Trend You're Gonna Want To Get On Board With

All you need is hair long enough to tie into a bun.

Forget hair flips because the latest trend to hit the world of artfullyarranged hair is a strangely mesmerising thing called the 'bun drop'.

While it might sound a little like some formof extremely tragic Bake Off accident involving cakes being squelchedonto the floor, it's actually just a selection of girls undoing the buns in their hair, filming itin slow motion purely to look a bit arty and majestic when it's postedup on Instagram.

Yes, we know it's a little weird sounding but just wait until you check out the #bundrop tag on Insta. It's weirdly hypnotising and is guaranteed to end in you realising about two hours later that you're 465 bun drops deep.

The aim of the game is literally just to undo your hair with your back to the camera and then slow down the shot to catch the hair falling.

The hashtag alread has thousands of people trying it and while we're not sure where or why it started, we're kind of loving it.

Just check out this girl with super secret Rapunzel-length locks:

And this crazy slow-motion version:

And this ultra-flippy edition:

So pretty.

Looks like #hairporn is the new #foodporn, doesn't it?

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