Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus 'Twerk' Lil Twist Track Leaks

Listen to their Twerktastic collaboration right here...

Justin Bieber's collaboration with Miley Cyrus and rapper palLil Twist has leaked online.
The track, entitled Twerk - which we can only assume is a tribute to Miley's now trademark dance move - emerged online last night (August 28).
It is thought that the song will feature on Twist's debut studio album Bad Decisions.

Twerk opens with Cyrus declaring: "I came up in this party time to twerk!"
Bieber then croons: "Hey pretty girl, tell me your name. The way that you move, baby I'm happy you came. I've been looking for ya for a while now.
"I would come and talk to ya but it's [inaudible]. Baby we can take it slow. Don't need nobody to know. Let me see you get out on the floor now. We gon' party all night until it's over."

JB and Miley have been teasing their duet for months after they were [uuid=20035b68-1ba7-4319-b562-0f86afe8bf08]spotted at Justin's recording studio[/uuid] together, with the artwork dropping in July.
Cyrus and her twerking also[uuid=cb7e568b-0ee3-4660-8d4b-8b622464784d] hit the headlines this week[/uuid] after she performed the suggestive move during her stint on stage with Robin Thicke at the 2013 MTV VMAs on Sunday (August 25).

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