Ariana Grande Gushes Over Taylor Swift Ahead Of Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Ari is a big fan of what T-Swift is doing for pop, as the girls prep for the VS show tonight...

Ariana Grande has sung Taylor Swift's praise as they both prepare to take to the stage at the Victoria's SecretFashion Show tonight (December 2), revealing they had a girl's night in to get ready.

"Taylor is really sweet, we are going to have a girl's night in tonight. I want to hang out with the girls before the show," the pint-sized singer revealed to theDaily Star.

[related]"She's doing something incredibly special for pop and I love pop. Her album is actually selling, in a time like this. It gives us all hope."

While Ariana is all too aware that she won't quite reach the same height as the likes of Alessandra Ambrosio and Karlie Kloss, who are a whole foot taller than her!

"They are dressing me up with the prettiest things. If only I could find some stilts because I'm only 5ft 2in and all those models are six feet," she added.

Also joining Ariana and Taylor on the line-up are Ed Sheeran and Hozier, who will no doubt be thrilled at the idea of performing with supermodels on the stage.

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