Will.I.Am Confirms New Black Eyed Peas Material

The star also talks Rita Ora on The Voice during an interview on Capital FM's Breakfast Show...

Will.I.Am has confirmed that fans can expect new music from the Black Eyed Peas.

During a chat with Dave Berry and Lisa Snowdon on the Capital FM Breakfast Show, the star was quizzed about the possibility of reuniting with Fergie and Co in the near future.

[related]Will revealed: "I can't give too much detail, but the PEAbodies, there's a bunch ofPEAbodiesout there that we've been Tweeting back and forth for the past couple of days, on the excitement of 20 years of the Black Eyed Peas.

"We're gonna have new music, we'll have a bunch of new experiences, I don't wanna call them albums. We'll have experiences and a bunch of stuff to get thePEAbodies, and the folks that supported us, that got us to this point, all the support the love, the encouragement and listening to and sharing our music."

He concluded: "We'll make music for them, and just reflect on the initial dream we had in June 1995."

The It's My Birthday hitmaker also spoke about Rita Ora joining The Voice UK, with Will singing the blonde babe's praises.

Speaking of Rita, he stated: "My gut before we did the show, I was like 'woah', I knew Rita was gonna be great, but I didn't think she was gonna be this great.

"Everyone in the UK is gonna get to know the Rita that I've known for a real long time. She's sweet, she's spunkily, she's edgy, she's vibrant, she's fiery, she's a sweetheart."

And, when asked how The Voice compares to pal Cheryl Fernandez-Versini's rival talent show The X Factor, Will replied: "I think The X Factor is needed, I think you need both of them. In the UK you need The Voice, you need X Factor. I can't say that it's better.

"I like doing The Voice, I like the format. But I also like what the X Factor has to offer too. I'm just being a transparent and honest person."

He added: "I think The Voice is better because, I like the format, I like the memories that I've had there, I like how nice we are to the contestants, but you do need both!"

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