Did Harry Styles' Tattoos Inspire The New Gucci Collection?

The internet thinks yes.

As anyone who's ever spent an afternoon gazing at photos of Harry Styles' naked chest (aka most of us) will know, the area between his bellybutton and nipples are decorated with a whole bunch oftattoos that range from edgy inkings to some slightly more random doodles.

But it looks like us One Direction fans might not be the only ones who are likingwhat we see and as some canny-eyedinternet users have noticed, the summer collection by Gucci features some imagery that bears a fair bit of resemblance to the doodles on young Hazwan's bod.

Let's just take a moment to investigate, shall we? First we have Harry with that bod on show...

...and then we have a cotton t-shirt from the SS16 Gucci collection that costs a casual £215:

Pretty similar, non?

While it's not clear whether Gucci really did look to Harry for inspo or it's all a big coincidence, what we do know is that if you want a hint of Harry's style without letting someone permanently needle a design to your skin, this is a pretty good way to go about it.

Granted you might need to take out a small loan to invest in one, but there's no denying the jackets and sweaters in the collectionwillprobably be worth it.

Plus we all know Harry is a big fan of Gucci and has worn their designs to countless red carpet events. All we really need now is for them to sign him as a model and then maybe just sell us the exact outfits he wore on set or something.

Just an idea.

So what do you make of all this? Reckon the line is inspired by Harry or maybe just all a big coincidence?

Let us know with a tweet to @MTVStyleIntlalready, would ya.

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