Fans Can't Get Over How Unreal Chrysten Zenoni Looks In This Leotard Snap

Hi body positivity, we see you.

Former Aussie Geordie Shore lass Chrysten Zenoni is all body positivity, taking to Instagramto share a couple of mirror pics in a black leotard.

The Australian babe, who gave birth to her son Leo in December, looking like a straight-up worldiein the swimwear snap.

'Watch Chloe Ferry these trolls in their place after hurling insults at her about her appearance >>>'



Admitting that she struggled to think of a caption, Chrysten wrote: “Don’t have a caption soooo. Did you know the first French fries weren’t actually cooked in France? They were cooked in Greece. #mumjokes.”

The lass was inundated with comments on the pics, with one person writing: "How do you look so good straight after a baby?"

Chrysten Zenoni


Chrysten Zenoni

Another added: "I think the weight you're at now is the best you've ever looked mama!"

The Aussie gave birth back in December and also dealt incredibly well with trolls that criticised her for choosing to not breastfeed her newborn, Leo.

Chrysten Zenoni Shows Off Natural Post-Baby Body In The Most Empowering Way


Chrysten Zenoni Shows Off Natural Post-Baby Body In The Most Empowering Way

Responding to a fan who asked her why she wasn’t breastfeeding, she explained: "Milk never came through and I would rather bottle feed anyway."

Despite Chrysten's explanation, a troll DM’d her with a very lengthy list of the 'risks' of feeding your baby formula milk, and the babe blasted back with: "Well unfortunately not everyone can breastfeed? So messaging me this is completely f***ing irrelevant."

Can we get an amen up in here?!

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