If Tom Daley Wasn’t A Diver, He’d Be In One Direction

Everyone’s favourite Olympic heartthrob reveals his alternative fantasy career...

By Georgina Langford

In case you are searching for an early Christmas present, Tom Daley has stripped down to his Speedos for a 2015 calendar featuring some swoonsome shots of the Olympian. MTV UK recently grabbed a few minutes with Tom to talk all about the calendar photoshoot, and he revealed which boyband he’d secretly love to be part of. “I’d probably have to say One Direction,” he told us. “But I can’t sing or dance, so in another life I’d have to have a few more musical genes…”

“Shooting the calendar was great fun - the water tank was pretty cold though!” Tom continues. One bonus of his day in front of the camera meant that although he did don those famous trunks for a few shots, the photos also show Mr Daley dressed up for a change. “Photoshoots involve me wearing more clothes than I do for my day job!” Tom laughs, explaining that he doesn’t feel self-conscious posing for photos because he spends his life in his swimming trunks. [related]

Despite his massive fandom and status as a celebrity cutie, Tom definitely doesn’t think of himself as a sex symbol. “I don’t really think of myself as anything other than a diver. It’s all a bit surreal to be honest,” he says when we quiz him about the amount of attention he receives. The Olympic athlete always keeps one eye on the prize, so no matter how many photoshoots and special events he attends, his training is his number one commitment. “My dream is to win gold at Rio and you can only do that if you put in the hours in the dry dive, gym and pool,” he says.

As for the calendar, if you are thinking of ‘splashing out’ (sorry!) you should know that “May is my favourite month as it’s my birthday month and also my brothers’.I love Christmas too, so December’s up there! My favourite month in this year’s calendar is October...”

Tom Daley’s 2015 calendar is available to buy now.

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