Ibiza: 13 Ways To Holiday Like A Celeb

This is how to party on the White Isle without dropping Kardashian money.

Now that summer is officially upon us, it’s finally that time of year where you can BBQ ALL of the foods and enjoy a few days (or minutes, here in the UK) of sunbathing.

But if you’ve got serious holiday envy thanks to the celebrity Instagram posts currently clogging up your feed, then maybe it’s time to consider a trip away with your friends.

And where better to blow off some steam with your BFFs than the OG party island, Ibiza, eh?

With only two and a half hours flying time and endless options of activities, be it clubbing, relaxing, or both in our case – Ibiza is the ideal place for a short break.

We were lucky enough to head to the White Isle for a long weekend of fun, food and optimum fanciness, and now that we’ve been clued up, here are your 13easy steps to holidaying like a celebrity in Ibiza…

1. Book an outrageous, Kardashian worthy villa with your BFFs

Believe it or not, this house isn’t owned by the likes of Justin Bieber, but by Chic Ibiza Villas, a collection of 200 beautiful, luxurious private residences with in-house concierge services.

Villa Skyfall (pictured above) is by far the most glamorous of the three villas the group stayed in, and will instantly make you feel like an A-lister.

Plus, it’s only a short drive to both the main party strip and the airport. Result.

2. Make like Niall Horan and take public transport to the airport

Ditch the stretch limo (SO 2009) and book yourself a direct train from London Liverpool Street straight to Stansted Airport.

For more information and the best value fares, head here.

3. Fly first class (or better yet, private) over to Ibiza airport

OR be the ultimate MVP with your mates and find the cheapest flights to Ibiza by searching on award-winning travel search site momondo.

(Come on, you know you want to save that money for your cocktails).

4. Get some top private chefs to look after you morning through night

As we all know, food is the most important part of any holiday, and our private dining came from the wonderful likes of Dalilicious, who provided us with three-course dinners in our villa, endless breakfasts and even a seafood BBQ.

We still dream about that food now.

5. Head out on a boat trip and visit the wonder of Es Vedra

Boats Ibiza took us off the coast of San Antonio, past actual Naomi Campbell’s getaway villa and straight to Es Vedra, a famous landmark and mysterious rock island.

Looking at it up close, it’s otherworldly, and considering it’s the third most magnetic point on Earth after the North Pole and Bermuda Triangle, we were thoroughly spooked.

6. Do some yoga outside, next to your private pool

Yoga is a celebrity must on any holiday, and so teacher Ayda, who’s trained the likes of Ellie Goulding and Kate Winslet, comes to our villa and provides us with a healing style of yoga that is calming, intuitive and inspirational.

As somebody who is never able to focus for more than 10 seconds on one thing before getting distracted, this was seriously incredible.

7. Eat dinner at Bambuddha and attempt to taste every single thing off the menu

If Thai food is your thing, then this restaurant might just be your idea of heaven. Good vibes, good drinks and all the Pad Thai you could wish for.

8. Set up an outdoor cinema right at your villa - you know, as you do

It’s safe to say that outdoor cinemas are always goals, but luckily, without the stress of the constant bad weather in the UK, these pop ups work perfectly in Ibiza.

Cinema Paradiso set up our very own cinema right beside our pool, and while we settled down to watch Black Mass (which is NOT for the thriller faint-hearted), we were treated to boxes of popcorn and ice creams.

9. Feel like J-Law at the Oscars with your very own glam squad

RIGHT, it’s time to head out on the town and party up a storm. But instead of all the madness of you and your friends running around in a frenzied panic, why not just hire yourselves a make-up and hair stylist instead?

We were treated to some proper pampering thanks to Danielle Renshaw, which was pretty ideal considering our make-up routine mainly involves dabbing on some blush and hoping for the best.

For extra celeb points, Snapchat yourself while getting your hair did and feel like Kimmy K before a big event.

10. Go to Pacha and get yourself a table next to the DJ

It’s neverquite a trip to Ibiza without a night out at Pacha, is it? The VIP table is optional, but quite possibly also essential if you're an old soul like us andneed to have some sitting down time between hits.

11. OR if you don’t fancy leaving your stylish AF villa, let the party come to you

Because sometimes house parties are the best parties.

Pacha resident Graham Sahara provided Villa Skyfall with a private set, and the whole thing went down even better thanks to the lads from The Bar Ibiza who provided us with endless fancy cocktails.

12. Nurse that hangover with some lunch overlooking the sea at Amante

After a nighttoo many fizzy lemons, all you can ask for the next dayis a bit of sun, some lovely food and quite a lot of chill time.

And that’s exactly what we got at Amante, a gorgeous beach restaurant that managed to make us feel properly human again.

As we ate all of the carbs and stared into the ridiculously blue ocean, we felt like we could really get used to this five star lifestyle. But sadly, it had to come to an end…

13. Take a private taxi service back to Ibiza airport, and mentally book your next visit immediately

All weekend, we were lucky enough to have World Entourage Ibiza ferry us from location to location, which was definitely a nice change from the Tube.

And while we felt some serious FOMO as soon as we stepped onto our plane home, we knew that we’d be coming back to the White Isle as soon as physically possible – and we might even be able to convince Justin Bieber to come with us next time.

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