This Is How Much You Could Be Earning From Your Instagram Posts

Make like a celeb and earn from your posts with this new app...

In a technology-driven world, a lot of cool stuff is possible. You can send a text halfway across the world at the drop of a hat, you can stalk all of your exes at onceand even their current partners (we do not advise this though).

Now, in a society fuelled by an obsession with everything semi social media-related, you can even make money off of your selfies. *Best Ariana Grande voice* Yuh.

What's your Insta worth?
What's your Insta worth?

The future of mankind over at MyVoucherCodes have only gone ahead and created a site that will tell you just how much coin you could apparently be making on Instagram – your #Instaworth, to be exact. Just in case you wondered how much celebs were actually making from all that #sponcon.

Let’s be real here though, your follower count matters. The more engagement your posts get, the more money your bank gets. It’s really that simple.

Under 1,000 followers? A couple of quid. 1,280 followers will pull in a fiver, over 2,560 will get you a tenner, but the big bucks start to roll in as soon as your follower count hits over a quarter of a million. 255,951 followers could earn you £1000 a post.

That’s a grand per sponsored selfie. There truly is SO much money to be made from being classed as an influencer. Now it’s just a matter of discovering how we all go from earning a couple of pounds, to raking in the thousands.

But before we attempt to conquer the world of #ad, let’s take a look at what actual celebs are apparently getting in return for advertising online. We bet Kylie earns a fortune.

It turns out, if this software is to be believed, that each post Kylie makes advertising a product could earn her around£460,900. But we’re here for influencers, because that’s where #sponcon really takes pride of place.

According to the site, Zoe Sugg -or Zoella as she’s known -can supposedly earn £39,300 per post, with the likes of influencers such as Tanya Burr earning up to £12,000.

We know what career we’ll be chasing from now on. Although it might take a little work to get us from the 86p per post we're currently only able to earn.

Let us know your #InstaWorth over @MTVUK (for the banter).

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