13 Self-Care Tips That Don't Involve A Bubble Bath

Because sometimes a face mask isn't going to be enough.

There’s nothing wrong with bubble baths. There’s nothing wrong with popping on a face mask to try and make yourself feel better. We’d all love to jet off to Bali or to book a spa break every time we feel a bit overwhelmed. But unfortunately, for most of us, these are neither realistic or useful suggestions for taking care of our bodies and minds. So we here go, 13 practical self-care tips for a happier you.

1.Write it down

‘Dear Diary, today I am grateful for…’ ‘Dear Diary, today was bl**dy awful.’ ‘Dear Diary, today was a difficult day.’ Yes, you’re a teenager again. But keeping a journal is one of the most effective forms of self-care. Writing it down helps you to organise your mind, process your emotions and reflect on how you are feeling.

If you’re looking to become the healthiest version of you keeping a journal is a simple way to discover what makes you feel good.

2.Be kind to yourself

Your self-worth should not be based on your productivity or your achievements.

If all you achieved today was getting out of bed, showering, and getting dressed, well done. You’re doing great. Give yourself a pat on the back every now and then.

3.You don’t have to exercise

Sometimes self-care is taking yourself to yoga, a spin class or your favourite Pilates session. Sometimes it’s saying no, and curling up, reading a book, or completing a Netflix marathon. Because you choose what’s right for you.

4.Stop following diet rules

If you don’t like kale, don’t eat kale. Take pleasure in what you’re eating. A healthy diet doesn’t always have to be the most nutritious. A healthy diet will nourish your soul as well as your body.

5. Learn tosay no

Don’t want to go out? Say no. Don't want to drink? Say no. Don’t feel comfortable doing something you don't want to do? Say no. No excuses, no made up stories, no apologies, just say no.

6. Get some sleep

You can eat your vegetables, exercise daily and drink enough water, but if you're not getting enough sleep, you're putting your health and happiness at a disadvantage.

Sleep and happiness are interconnected. Many studies have shown that a continued lack of sleep has negative effects not only on our immune system, our blood pressure levels and our ability to function properly, but also our happiness.

If you want to feel your best, adopt healthy sleep habits and hit the sack earlier.

7. Cleanse your timeline

The only detox you need to be doing this year is a digital detox. Detox your newsfeed. Unfollow anyone that makes you feel bad about yourself. Trust me, one click, and you won’t even miss them. Interact with people who make you feel better. Social media should enhance your life, not make it worse.

8. Call a friend

Sometimes the last thing you want to do is speak to someone. You want to hide away. Ignore everyone. Ignore emails. Ignore text messages. Ignore all responsibilities. And while some days that’s perfectly okay, at some point you might need to push yourself to confide in a good friend. A good friend should want to be there for you. A good friend will want to make you feel better. Never underestimate the power of communication. It can really help.

9. Turn off notifications

Ever feel like your whole day is taken up by responding to emails, scrolling your newsfeed, or trying to catch up on 4348 pointless messages on the group chat? If so, turn off your notifications. Set aside specific times in the day for checking on emails and messages and stick only to these times. Be strict with yourself.

Not only will this allow you to be more present in the moment and to appreciate what’s happening around you, but you’ll probably also find that you're far more productive without the constant distraction.

10. Invest in an alarm clock

Remember the days we used to use alarm clocks to wake us up? Me neither. But it might be time to invest in one again. If you’re looking to get better quality sleep, keep your phone out of your bedroom at night. A last-minute scroll might sound tempting for most of us, but is it really worth it at the expense of our sleep? Remember, better sleep means a more alert, a more energetic and, above all, a happier you.

11. Dump him

Remove toxic people from your life. Whether that’s your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend or even your family. If they don't make you a better person, if they don’t make you happier, if they don't have your best interest at heart, get rid of them. You are worth way more than that.

12. Do a course

Invest in yourself. Educate yourself. Sign up to a course, read a book, or master something new. Knowledge is power. And being powerful will make you feel better than any face mask ever will.

13. Let that sh*t go.

Stop arguing with people who are committed to misunderstanding you. Stop holding grudges. Stop defending your actions and opinions. Never try and seek revenge. The biggest act of self-care is learning to let go.

'Words by Ban Hass'

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