The BTS Army Is Calling Out Racism In The Fandom

The fans are using the hashtag #BlackARMYsMatter.

Fans of Korean group BTS are calling out racism and harassment within the fandom using two anti-racism hashtags, #BlackARMYsMatter and #BlackARMYsequality.

The BTS Army are making a stand after BuzzFeed spoke to a number of fans who say they have experienced racismfrom fellow fans of the K-Pop group.

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Fans opened up to the publicationabout their experience of abuse while stanning their fave band. One woman discussed posting a selfie in a BTS group chat, to later find her photo had been altered to make her look white.

Other black fans opened up about receiving racial slurs, with the worst of the abuse happening through social networks such as Curious Cat, which allows users to communicate anonymously.

Buzzfeed's article highlights the extent of the issue, which is something the fans have been standing up against with the use of the hashtag #BlackARMYsequality.

The hashtag is intended to create a supportive, anti-racism community and to let anyone within the fandom who is being racist know that it isn't cool.




Tayira (@cultfye) came up with the hashtag in February, developing it with several other BTS fans after she and other ARMY members receivedracist comments through Curious Cat.

The social network responded to Buzzfeed in a statement, telling them: "As we stated on Twitter recently, we are aware of the issue and have been banning all the individuals behind the messages which are brought to our attention."

Hats off to the BTS Army members who are shedding light on the issue and standing up against racism.

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