Grace Victory: Why International Women's Day Should Be A Celebration

"We need to celebrate, encourage and praise each other."

'International Women's Day is a day about women (the name kinda gives it away), but isn’t just for women. It’s for everyone - so we can unite in being part of the solution of solving gender inequality. It’s a huge issue – and hugely important – and might be something you know loads about, or just be starting to understand.'

'So, to help us all get more informed, and able to kick-inequality-ass, we asked a selection of awesome women doing awesome things to share their thoughts on IWD and tell us what it means to them. Here's YouTuber and blogger Grace Victory, explaining exactly why she thinks today should be all about women supporting women.'

International Women's Day for me is all about people coming together all over the world and celebrating everything about who women are. Age, race, religion and beliefs, on this day we are united & in my opinion, that is so needed.

As a YouTuber and blogger, day in, day out I see women put up against each other & it's a constant battle with who's the prettiest, who makes the most money, who has the best life. More often than not we do this to ourselves and today is a day to realize that more than ever this needs to stop. We need to celebrate, encourage and praise each other. Because we are so much more than creating competition.

Both in the online and ‘real’ world, men are all too often offended or intimidated when they find out who I am and what I do. I have a voice, I'm independent, I'm strong and I am able to do anything I put my mind to. I'm a woman - and I will never let that hold me back, I embrace everything about being female. I will never apologise for having the presence that I do and will never stop using that to empower other women around the world.

Of course I have days where I feel unworthy and insecure (I'm only human) but what I want to get across on International Women’s Day is that it is so important in these times to turn to other women who inspire you. We are strong individually but so much stronger together. Strong women (my faves are Meryl Streep, Demi Lovato and Amy Schumer) make me feel like I can get my s**t together and try again which is exactly what you need sometimes. I also surround myself with strong, talented and inspirational women in my everyday life and sometimes, the most inspirational people in your life are the ones right under your nose.

Happy International Women’s Day everybody!

- Grace Victory

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