Marnie Simpson And Casey Johnson Show Off Their Fancy AF Cinema Room

The former Geordie Shore lass can have the BEST movie nights.

We can almost guarantee that former Geordie Shore lass Marnie Simpson and her bae Casey Johnson have way better movie nights than you.

And that's because they just took us inside their fancy AF cinema room, and it's possibly the cosiest place we've ever laid eyes on.

'Play the video to see inside Marnie Simpson and Casey Johnson's cinema room...'

The room is complete with a screen as big as the back wall as well as posters of the couple's favourite movies and shows.

Marnie is a huge lover of ''The Vampire Diaries'', so obvs she's got a massive picture to commemorate her absolute favourite show.

Casey Johnson and Marnie Simpson


Casey Johnson and Marnie Simpson

And they've also paid tribute to ''Pulp Fiction'', ''Bates Motel' 'and Alfred Hitchcock's 'Marnie' because, duh.

Basically, these two know exactly how to do movie nights right.

After showing off the impressive home cinema, the pair posed for a cosy pic, with the caption: "Slothes rule ✌🏻[sic]."

And fans were quick to point something out.

Marnie Simpson and Casey Johnson


Marnie Simpson and Casey Johnson

"Theres orb in that pic might be a loved one looking over you marnie[sic]," wrote one person as another added: "Nice entity is joining yous in this pic 😂#orb."

Looks like they could have someone looking out for them <3.

'Don't forget to catch the Geordie Shore finale Tuesday at ''10pm'' on MTV!'

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