13 Celeb Eyebrow Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Happy brows, happy life...or something

There's nothing worse than the feeling like everyone on the tube/bus/way to da club, is staring at you because your brows are so not on fleek. So kick those patchy caterpillars into shape with these golden tips from the most brow-perfect celebs in the world...

1. Don’t fill the entire brow…like Kylie Jenner

The overall objective is to fill in the sparse areas, not to fill in the entire brow," he explained, pointing to over-penciling as one of the biggest mistakes women make. "I'll comb through the brows and wherever I see a little gap I'll just fill, but I won't fill in the entire eyebrow because that's when you get a more drawn-in effect”, says Ariel Tejada, Kylie’s make-up artist.

2. Use hairspray…like Lucy Hale

"It’s no secret that I have bold brows and to keep them in place, after I’ve filled them in, I spray a clean mascara wand with hairspray and brush them into place. They won’t move all day, they’re fixed like cement!"

3. Follow the hair growth…like Cara Delevingne

"Always apply the brush strokes in the same direction the hairs naturally grow. This will have a see-through quality and look more natural as it won’t be heavy or solid”, says Wendy Rowe who handles Cara Delvingne’s famous brows.

4. Use the golden ratio…like Kim Kardashian

"Mark the beginning of the eyebrow which starts above the middle inside of the nostril. Go from the outside corner of the nose to the corner of the eye to mark the end. And the tip of your nose to the middle of the iris is the highest part of the eyebrow. This is my golden ratio measure,” says Anastasia Soare, founder of Anatasia Beverly Hills and Kim’s eyebrow go-to.

5. Use highlighter…like Beyonce

“If you love Beyoncé'sbrows, know that one of her best-kept secrets is a touch of bright, gorgeous, highlighter. To get the same look, after your brows are styled and colored to your liking, use a smudge brush to blend a line of light, shimmery highlighter (or even a similarly-colored touch of eye shadow) just below the brow line. This bit of brightness makes your eyes pop and even provides you with an instant virtual eye lift”, says Natalie Plain creator of Billion Dollar Brows.

6. Get the right shade for you…like Adele

"Brunettes should opt for a shade or two lighter than their hair color. Lighter blondes can go for golden shades, while darker blondes call for a taupe-y tone. Redhead? Reach for a warm, brown hue,” says Adele’s eyebrow guru Kristie Streicher.

7. Ditch the pencil….like Tanya Burr

“Powder and an angled brush are the best way to do brows. I find if I try and do my eyebrows quickly with a pencil they look to drawn on, because you press too hard. But with powder and a brush you can tap the powder off and you have more control – you can even use your eyeshadow to do it.'

8. Have confidence…like Frankie Grande

"The trick is to pull each hair in the direction of hair growth. Its about the confidence of your pluck. You don’t want to slowly go for your brows, you want to hold the skin taut and give a nice firm pluck,” says Joey Healy, Frankie’e eyebrow expert.

9. Know your method…like Lauren Conrad

“If you have sensitive skin then thread! While waxing tugs at the skin, threading barely has any contact with your skin so it doesn’t lead to irritation. If you have coarse hair - wax! If you have thicker hair that grows back quickly, waxing is definitely the best option for you. Not only do most people see thinner, softer regrowth, they can also go longer in between waxes since the results are fairly long lasting.”

10. Use castor oil…like Khloe Kardashian

“One of my eyebrows was going bald. It happens from stress or if you sleep on one side of your face all the time. Not a good look. I used one of those hair-growth gets to help fill them in and it really worked. But my make-up artist Hrush says to try castor oil – apparently it helps brows grow faster!”

12. Use a Pritt stick…like Lily Collins

“A make-up artist used a glue stick (applied with a finger) to set my brows. Unlike eyebrow gel it doesn’t flake off. It does work and washes off easily with warm water.”

13. Brush and snip…like Camilla Belle

“I brush Camilla’s brows up and snip the very tips off with a tiny pair of scissors. This helps to ‘de-bulk’ a brow and keeps it looking tidy. Be careful not to trim too much! You want the brow hair to have enough length to lay naturally,” says Brett Freedman, Camilla’s go-to.

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