Meghan Trainor: "I'm A Rapper Now"

It seems the All About That Bass hitmaker will be spitting some lyrics on her new music...

Meghan Trainor has opened up about the success of her debut single, All About That Bass.

When asked by Associated Press how it feels to have people analyse your song, the chart topper replied: "Yeah, it's a little weird. It's a little weird when they pick apart every single word, when there's a lot of other stuff in the world that we could be talking about.

"But I just wrote a three minute song about loving yourself and having fun with it and dancing with it. So I hope they get that from it."

[related]She added: "As a songwriter, my main goal is to make it stupid catchy. Make it so they have to sing this for the rest of their life."

When asked about what her new music sounds like, Trainor said: "There's also some of my Caribbean flair in there and a lot of my rapping. Which, I'm a rapper now, which is great. It's fun, people finally say I can rap. It's great.

"I was just recording myself and I did it as a joke. And my brother was like, 'You got flow, though. You got rhythm, you can do this'."

We can't wait to hear it!

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