5 K-Pop Acts, Albums and Events To Look Out For In 2019

Are BTS over? Is Jennie really going 'SOLO'? Who's rising up the charts? Who's still to come?

K-Pop has had its biggest year yet when it comes to international success, with BTS and BLACKPINK leading the way for the boy bands and girl groups - and solo stars, we'll explain! - in the UK and US.

From BLACKPINK's unprecedented collaboration with Dua Lipa -which made the Top 40 in the UK Singles Chart upon release - to BTS' mega-hit 'Idol' reaching Number 21 in the UK, their successes are unstoppable and there's plenty more to come from both bands, the individual members'and'some major new acts. Some brand new, some currently rising - we're going to give you the scoop.

Whether you're new to K-Pop or a dedicated stan, here's everything you need to know for 2019...

BLACKPINK's Western Debut

BLACKPINK in your area! The four-piece girl group -made up ofJisoo,Jennie,Rosé andLisa - are about to hit the Western market with their 'Ddu-Du Ddu-Du' in 2019. No, we don't mean they're re-releasing that phenomenal banger again with specific promotion for the UK and US (although they should) but rather that BLACKPINK are now signed to Interscope Records and will be making moves across borders.

Will there be an EP of English songs? Perhaps. Will there be a UK tour? Perhaps. The sky is the limit now that they've signed a deal with Interscope and UMG, plus they've already had their first UK Top 40 hit with the epic Dua Lipa collab, 'Kiss and Make Up'.

The group's go-to producer Teddy Park teased massive things are coming following the announcement in October, saying "We can truly showcase BLACKPINK’s potential on a grander scale." Grander?'GRANDER?!'We are already shook to the core. Bring it on, queens!

The Rise of (G)I-dle


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Another girl group about to dominate the K-pop scene worldwide is (G)I-dle. Made up of six members, the all-female supergroup made their debut in 2018 with their brilliant debut EP'I AM', which landed in the Top 10 of the South Korean charts, showing huge signs of potential. They have dropped two singles from the EP and scored their first Top 10 single in South Korea with one-off single 'HANN(Alone)' back in August.

With another EP on the cards and debut album expected, (G)I-dle - short for Girl Idle/Idol, FYI - is the name on everybody's lips and they're bound to have a huge 2019 now they're fully established as the new girls on the scene.

The End of BTS?

BigHit Entertainment

BTS have had'massive'success this year. 'Idol' became their first UK Top 40 hit, they scored TWO Number 1 albums on the Billboard 200 chart in the US, released a movie (!!) and performed their first ever concerts in the UK.

So, when they're on top of the world, why are there whispers they're disbanding? Well, it's common for groups to have a certain shelf life in K-Pop, although it seems the Army have nothing to worry about because BTS are making their own rules. Only just getting started, the boys recently renewed their contract with label/management Big Hit Entertainment for another seven years - until 2026! -so it's safe to say we'll be hearing and seeing a'lot'more from our faves next year.

More 'SOLO' Jennie?

Jennie in the music video for 'SOLO' her debut single outside of BLACKPINK


Jennie in the music video for 'SOLO' her debut single outside of BLACKPINK

In case you somehow missed it (what could be more important, honestly?) then you should know thatBLACKPINK's Jennie had a solo breakout moment in 2018 with her solo debut titled, er, 'SOLO'.

Released in November, the single is a major moment. Not only because it's a major bop or has an insane music video (duh) but because it's the first time a BLACKPINK girl has branched off to do her own thing. Of course, we know that they have major plans for global domination in 2019 as a group so there's nothing to worry about in the Fifth Harmony sense, although it means we may also get a follow-up.

With over 100 million views in less than a month, it's clear that everyone is obsessing overthe Number 1 (on the Worldwide iTunes Chart) single and the idea of a solo Jennie so we see no reason why she wouldn't at'least'do an EP while with the group. In saying that, please may BLACKPINK rule the global music industry forever and ever. Thank you.

BTS 2.0

BTS interviewed by Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in 2018

YouTube / The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

BTS interviewed by Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in 2018

We've established that BTS are going nowhere any time soon but that doesn't mean they're the only band Big Hit are working with.The legendary label have signed their first band since it formed BTS six years ago in 2013 and it's... another boy band.'Yaaaaaas!'

BHE confirmed they're launching a new group in the new year, with specific reference to a global launch that would see them take aim for the UK and US as well as their home regions. Forbes broke the exclusive last week as an official Big Hit rep told them:“We plan to launch a new boy band next year.Target is to be by early next year, and we will provide more details when it’s confirmed."

Well we're going to put a little emphasis on the key word 'early' and remind everyone that December only has 31 days, meaning that next year begins'very'soon and so the new group's launch could be as early as January. We don't have a name, we don't know how many members there are, we don't know what sound they'll bring - will they rap? Only sing? - but we do know that we areready for BTS 2.0immediately.

Now, universe, if we could please get a collaboration between all four of these groups in 2019, that would be a moment...

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